I know that many of you share weekend links.  Take a gander at some of the “good stuff” I found around the webbernets this week.  It’s a short list. Not too daunting.

I love it when my wife writes.  She’s right good.  This week she explored the undercurrent in the quiet waters.

John Blase took a crack at a Mark 1 rendering.  Let this be part of your Sunday morning pre-game preparation.  You’ll thank me.

Ann Kroeker made me hungry for breakfast this week.  And she shared a dinner recipe!  I love her weekly Food on Fridays link-up, especially this week’s featuring slow-cooker pork chops.  Consider sharing your mammy’s blackberry cobbler recipe next Friday.

Glynn Young is a gem miner.  Every Saturday morning he shows his latest finds in his Saturday Good Reads post.  This week, he found Kelly Sauer’s someone’s Irene photography.  Sorry for the mis-attribution, Kelly. Your stuff‘s way awesome, too.

We always say that every good Haines’ party devolves into a YouTube extravaganza.  Today’s party is no different.  Oh, Ms. America.  Or, as Amber and Sara Sophia say, “Ms. USAmericans.”

What were your favorite links this week? Throw ‘em down in the comments.

(I personally believe…)


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  • Kelly Sauer

    Are you kidding? That photography wasn’t mine. I was at home, freaking out about the wind and rain outside my window. It is from another fantastic Charleston photographer, Philip Casey, from Studio 1250 Photography.

    • sethhaines

      Ooops… I just trusted my source on that. Those images were nuts!

      • Kelly Sauer

        It only got that dark over my house twice yesterday, thankfully. My mood was NUTS with the barometric pressure. Thanks for the change – I was really impressed with those photos – this photog is much more photojournalistic than I’ve chosen to be. He’s really cool!

  • hamster

    Miss Arkansas was my favorite. She was not the funniest, but she was the most familiar. I’ve been at dinner parties / family reunions / bars alone at 11:00 AM listening to people throw Mother Tongue from the train, and I just want to give them Rosetta Stone English as a consolation prize. And, sadly, I know those little darlings grew up here.

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