A Tiny Explanation (On Politics and the Soul)

What I have learned over this last year is that the state of our politics is about the state of our souls. Politics is causing great spiritual harm in Americans lives because Americans are going to politics to have their spiritual needs met. This is the meaning of rising polarization. This is the cause of politics’ burdens on our spirit. Politics does a very poor job of meeting spiritual needs, but politicians will pretend they can do it if it will get your vote.” ~Michael Wear



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  • Joanne Peterson

    We are thinking politics will cure what ails us. Politics cannot address the issue of loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, and being the real Christ example of people knowing to whom we belong by our love for one another. I’m guilty…..I also know I get fatigue with all of the needs I see around me and know I can’t meet them all. What if we all acted upon where we know we are being called to love and serve, listen, become broken by what is breaking our neighbors hearts, and get our hands dirty in the process? Getting to know our neighbors, the Samaritan is a neighbor…..More would be accomplished. The private sector can do more to meet the hearts of the real need and soul hunger than government can, and does it much better, (most of the time) with accountability. People have faces, and what we speak and do has a ripple effect. I’m speaking to me….

    • Joanne Peterson

      Read “The Broken Way” by Ann Voskamp.

      • sethhaines

        Yes, and yes.

  • Heather King

    You are a hippie though, right? Godless is a big stretch though. Not accurate at all.

    • sethhaines

      I guess there’s that. True. 🙂