Boy Again

My family took a much needed vacation to the Gulf last week. It was fantastic (and accounts for my silence), and this week I’m sharing bits and pieces of it with you. I’ll write very little, and am opting instead for a more photo-blog sort of feel. Enjoy.

And join us Thursday for a guest-submission to the Recovery Room series.

As always, thanks for reading.


Boy Again

To be a boy:
strange to the laws
of war and gravity;



curious as high tide
drawn by the moon,
drawn to the moon;


all flavors–briny,
creamy, blue–
fresh shucked firsts;


all waves proof
of the strength
in brothers’ arms.



To be a boy again:
it’s a rolling dream,
like ocean thunder.





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  • Jody Ohlsen Collins

    ‘a rolling dream, like ocean thunder.’ wow. you are blessed, sir.

    • sethhaines

      Thank you, Jody. I appreciate your hanging around these parts.

  • Scott Wade

    SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing

    • sethhaines

      I have lots of learning left, Scott. Perhaps you can teach me a trick or two one day.

  • pastordt

    LOVE this – words and photos. So glad you had a great time away. We are so looking forward to ours, in between sorting/sifting/tossing/schlepping everything we’ve crammed into this house for the last 18 years. Moving after we get back from HI – for our 50th! – with all the kids and grandkids. Hope to get some pictures up now and again.