The Business of Words: Genius

Words matter. But in this world of constant messaging, the endless ticking of the marketing clock, the constant pushing of more and more words, I wonder–have we watered down our language?

Today, I’m exploring the business of the words “genius” and “innovative.” Are they being overused? You decide.


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  • Joanne Peterson

    Hi Seth, I think your video was a clever way of saying to say what you mean and to mean what you say….accurately. I am not a writer, but I am a communicator. As you pointed out in your video, we do water and cheapen our communication with and to one another by misusing the words spoken to one another. I would go a step further to say this misuse of words to be a lack of critical thinking on our part and not paying attention to the context of the message. We swallow the spiel, and then almost without thinking use the words in the same way. This can and does lead to miscommunication. We can become “noticers” as Andy Andrews points out. Being intentional to truly listen to what the message is, and being mindful to accurately communicate the real gist of the message goes a long way to being understood. Just my two cents worth. Joanne

    • sethhaines

      I couldn’t have said it any better. And when we swallow the spiel, we reinforce the behavior. You know?

      Thanks of your two cents, Joanne.

  • bhirschy

    I get the distinct impression that you’ve forgotten how good cheetos are.

    • sethhaines

      This is a solid point. But “chicken fries?”